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There are two sides to every story!

In every circumstance, there are two stories - the story you see and the story God sees.

You may feel as if your life is a complete disaster. No matter how hard you try it just seems like every path leads to failure. And when you think things canít get any worse, they do!

This is exactly how Joseph must have felt when his brothers betrayed him and sold him into slavery. But remember there are two sides to every story. Letís take a look at the book of (Genesis 37-50.)

First Joseph was sold into slavery, then he was wrongly accused of misconduct with his masterís wife. As if things couldnít get any worse, he was thrown into prison. Joseph must have been so discouraged. He must have wondered how and why God allowed such terrible misfortune to befall him. Joseph ended up spending thirteen years in jail for something he didn't do.

At this point in Josephís life he had to feel pretty hopeless. Weíve all been there! When life seems to go in the wrong direction. But at times like this what we need to remember is that we donít see what God sees. We are told that all things work to the good of God. We are also told that we will be tested.

Ultimately God knows what he is working out. God had incredible plans for Joseph: He used Joseph to save Egypt and the surrounding lands from the seven years of devastating famine, including his own family. At the end of this trial it became clear to Joseph that God had a bigger plan for his life. Listen to what he tells his brothers: "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives (Genesis 50:20.)"

When your life seems to be falling apart, know that things arenít always what they seem. We all go through trials and tests, which are ultimately for our good. God wants to bless us and He wants to use us to accomplish blessings for others. Sometimes we need to experience hardship to grow into character that will be more useful to God. Trust God, knowing that he will works for good in all circumstances (Romans 8:28).

The story you see in your current problems may not reflect the long-term story God has planned. There are two sides to every story!